About Company
About Company

Gulf Georgia is one of the leading oil companies in the Georgian market. Its success is driven by high quality fuel and exeptional customer service. This international brand has been represented officially in Georgia by "Sun Petroleum Georgia" LLC, since March, 2010.


We trace the establishment of our world brand to 1901 in the USA. Nowadays Gulf Oil International distributes high quality oil products to more than 100 countries and is one of the major players in the world market.


Gulf Georgia currently successfully operates more than 140 refueling stations nation-wide, 43 of which are located in Tbilisi. We import fuel from the best oil refineries in Europe whose quality controls comply with world class standards. Gulf refueling stations are distinguished with modern equipment and western state of the art innovative technologies.


Our company is oriented on and always tries to capture opportunities for growth and development. We focus on the marketplace and our consumers. Customer feedback is of a great priority to us. We continually survey to measure our world-class performance. Our goal is to exceed all expectations. We will continue to provide Georgian car owners with high quality European fuel and western type of service.


Gulf is one of the major employers in Georgia. We have more than 1300 proud employees and their number is increasing. Continuing to build this strong team is a great challenge for the Company. For these reasons Gulf is always focused on recruiting the brightest and most talented people.

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