Gulf Club

Company Gulf offers its customers instant discount and loyalty card in the form of the Gulf Club – meaning 10 Tetri discount per 1 liter of fuel purchased. 

Every Wednesday and Sunday is Extra Discount Days, and everyone gets 15 Tetri discount.


In addition, Gulf Club offers its customers accumulation of points - 1 point shall be accrued per 1 Gel of fuel purchased, and the accumulated points may be spent in the Gulf Store network for purchase of all kind of products.



Rules of using the card:

  • “Gulf Club” card may be used in the network of Gulf petrol stations throughout Georgia and for Web Service Payment at 
  • Only one card will be issued per person. Card costs 2 GEL.
  • To get the card, you need to fill in the information application and sign it or you can order online: Order Gulf Club.
  • You can check the information about the accumulated points at, Gulf Club mobile application,  Gulf petrol stations or call hotline of the company - *0007.
  • You can use Gulf Club card only during cash or bank card settlements.
  • Only Gulf Club cardholder may enjoy an unique opportunity to take part in all marketing activities of Gulf.
  • For any additional question, please call hotline * 0007.
  • Gulf Club card is valid for 3 year. If Card expires all points will became abatement.
  • The card and the points accumulated on it, gift vouchers are the property of "Sun Petroleum Georgia" LLC. Accordingly, full authority of disposal is vested in him.
  • From December 2023, the Sun Stores chain of stores located at Gulf gas stations has joined the Gulf Club loyalty system. Points are collected in the store according to the standard principle 1₾=1 point, all products presented in the store participate in the accumulation, except for the products defined by the state legislation and the internal regulations of the company (for example, points are not collected: on tobacco products, lotto and lottery tickets, etc.) in order for the user to be able to To accumulate points in the store, it is necessary to programmatically identify the club member before completing the purchase (before completing the transaction). Accumulated points are the property of the company and are subject to the rules established by the internal regulations, which the user cannot complain about, and the user's consent to this condition automatically comes into force at the moment of joining the gulf club.


We would like to inform you, that If the customer do not purchase fuel with Gulf Club card for 6 month period (inactive card) the Level (Status) of Discount would be restarted and all points will became abatement.


Rules of spending of the points:

  • You may spend the accumulated points in the Gulf Store network for purchase of all kind of products.
  • You have to appear at the Gulf Store to cash the points and submit the Gulf Club card and ID Card.
  • 1 accumulated point = 1 Tetri (Gulf Store)

By joining the Gulf Club, the user agrees to the above terms and conditions, as well as:

  • Ltd “Sun Petroleum Georgia” is authorized without any additional permission from card holder to use all his/her personal information for its marketing issues;
  • Ltd “Sun Petroleum Georgia” is authorized within different communicational channels such as: SMSs, emails, etc. send advertisements, proposals and other information without any additional permission;
  • Card holder is notified about hers/his rights . According to established law, he/she can ask to stop using and processing their personal data, by Sun Petroleum Georgia LLC. As well as stop sending advertisements and other information.

"Gulf Club Terms and Conditions"

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