Oil company Gulf offers its corporate customers wholesale services. Fuel purchase is carried out through cash or non-cash settlement, as well as consignation, in case of submission of the bank guarantee. Purchase of oil in the liquid form is available from the active fuel bases of Gulf. Addresses of the bases:



  1. Avchala -  № 13, Tskalsadeni Str.
  2. Lilo - № 13, Yumashev Str.



  1. № 10, Kakabadze Str.



  1. № 12, Schevchenko I side-street



  1. Urekhi settlement, № 7, Kakhuli Str.

For full comfort, Gulf offers its wholesale customers fuel delivery service.


News in Gulf - Mobile Petrol Station  

Since 2015 “Gulf” is offering “Mobile Petrol Stations”  – Installation of modern and state-of-arts tanks on the desired location.


While using “Mobile Petrol Station” you will be served with the group of professional technicians of Gulf, providing periodical monitoring of accurate and proper operation of the tank.


Mobile Petrol Station” is the funcional, low-cost, portable and compact fuel tank to those, for whom:

  1. Priority is to reduce the costs;
  2. It is important to control the fuel balances;
  3. Holding of continued supply of fuel is of critical importance, in order not to delay the scheduled operations;
  4. Wishes efficient management of equipment or car parking area.


Customer may order the tank of desired volume, at his/her own discretion, with the desired number of paritions, allowing allocation of several products in one tank.


Buy wholesale fuel in “Gulf” and we will plan all the processes including purchase, transportation and storage of fuel.


Contact info:


577 11 09 75

577 43 02 20

577 00 49 04

577 11 90 50

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