Gulf Club

Company Gulf offers its customers instant discount and loyalty card in the form of the Gulf Club – meaning 3 Tetri discount per 1 liter of fuel purchased. After purchasing each subsequent 500 liters of fuel, the customer elevates and gets discount of 6 Tetri.


In addition, Gulf Club offers its customers accumulation of points - 1 point shall be accrued per 1 liter of fuel purchased, and the accumulated points may be spent in the Gulf Store network for purchase of all kind of products.


Rules of using the card:

  • “Gulf Club” card may be used in the network of Gulf petrol stations throughout Georgia and for Web Service Payment at 
  • Only one card will be issued per person. Card costs 2 GEL.
  • To get the card, you need to fill in the information application and sign it or you can order online: Order Gulf Club.
  • You can check the information about the accumulated points at, Gulf Club mobile application,  Gulf petrol stations or call hotline of the company - *0007.
  • You can use Gulf Club card only during cash or bank card settlements.
  • Only Gulf Club cardholder may enjoy an unique opportunity to take part in all marketing activities of Gulf.
  • For any additional question, please call hotline * 0007.
  • Gulf Club card is valid for 3 year.

We would like to inform you, that If the customer do not purchase fuel with Gulf Club card for 6 month period (inactive card) the Level (Status) of Discount would be restarted and all points will became abatement.


Rules of spending of the points:

  • You may spend the accumulated points in the Gulf Store network for purchase of all kind of products.
  • You have to appear at the Gulf Store to cash the points and submit the Gulf Club card and ID Card.
  • 1 accumulated point = 1 Tetri (Gulf Store)
  • 100 accumulated point = 50 Tetri (Web Service Payment)


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