Gulf fuel laboratory studies
June 3, 2021

The National Bureau of Expertise of Levan Samkharauli and the international research laboratory SGS conducted a qualitative and quantitative study of Gulf fuels. The laboratories examined four products of the Gulf company: G-force Super, G-force Premium, G-force Euro Regular and G-force Euro Diesel.


According to the answers of the research, all four Gulf products fully comply with both the norms established by the Georgian legislation and the EURO 5 standards. Gulf gasoline contains much less sulfur than is allowed and almost no lead. Also, the volume fraction of aromatic hydrocarbons is minimized, which is less harmful to the environment.


Those who wish to see the detailed report of the research results will be able to view it publicly on the Gulf website.

By disclosing such information, the goal of the Gulf company is to help raise the level of public awareness of how important it is to use quality fuel for human health, the environment, and automobiles.


G-Force Super


G-Force Premium


G-Force Euro Regular

G-Force Diesel

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